I’m sure we all have either passed or are going through the much difficult phase of life – adolescence. During this phase we are faced with many difficulties , often having to choose between what is right and what is easy. While the latter might be more luring and offer instant success, but it isn’t simple and long-lasting.

The ability to choose between right and wrong is a skill which has to be developed over time and with experience. The more mistakes one makes , the more one gets to learn and observe the power of right over easy. These days people , students mainly, face more challenges than there were a few years ago. While the digital age has revolutionised the world in ways we couldn’t even think of a few years ago, it has also provided distractions for the ones trying to change the it. Social media , being a good way to keep in touch with your loved ones, is also the ground for cyber crime and depression among a large number of teenagers these days . I too have been through this. Addiction to social media is very common these days, driving people to commit mistakes which they know are ethically wrong but then also seen as “cool” in the society.

Breaking the trust our parents have in us, deceiving them and even ourselves , lying and hiding are just some of the things one has to do to remain “cool” in the eyes of the society. Not only does this waste our time and energy but also the potential we have to change the world. I’m sure there are many of us who’re born to be game changers but due to distractions in life, we are driven away from our goals and ultimately land up leading mediocre lives. What is the fun of repenting 10 years down the line when you have the chance today to change your life and also of your future generations? We all have the chance, the energy and the zeal to do something great. Why waste it on knowing how cool your classmates are on Instagram or Snapchat.

I know completely disconnecting yourself is hard and there are those weak moments where you open your phone to see one text but end up spending hours on Instagram! But then let’s start at least . Just by reducing an hour that you spend on your devices , you’ll notice how much more tension-free you are, by not having to worry about what’s happening in others’ life! Let’s focus on ourselves this time .Use your free time to explore yourself and the various opportunities that await you for you won’t get another chance.ย Use it to do something productive and positive, something that makes you happy. Things might be hard initially, there might be many judging you, but ultimately it’s your life. You’re incharge of who can affect you. So why be mixed up in the “cool” crowd when you can stand out and be unique!

Share your experiences in disconnecting from the world and connecting to yourself.

I hope what I’m trying to say makes sense to you and I’ll write again soon!

14 thoughts on “Distractions”

  1. Such a beautiful write-up. I absolutely loved the clarity and confidence with which you expressed your thoughts. Looking forward to many more amazing pieces of writing by you! Great work.

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